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Lunar Eclipse
April 15, 2014

Eclipse at sunrise
November 3, 2013

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Heathcote Botanical Gardens, A quiet place of Earth life:  On the paths 05/22/15

Space Missions, Operations & History

 CCAFS, USAF, ULA, Atlas 5-501, AFSPC-5 OTV-4:  Mission page 05/20/15
 CCAFS, NASA, SpaceX, Dragon V2, Pad Abort Test:  Mission page 05/06/15
 CCAFS, SpaceX, Falcon 9, TurkmenSat/MonacoSat:  Mission page   04/27/15
 CCAFS, NASA, SpaceX, Falcon 9, CRS-6 to ISS:  Mission page   04/14/15
 CCAFS, USAF, ULA, Delta IV Med+ (4,2), GPS IIF-9:  Mission page   03/25/15
 KSC, NASA, Atlas 5-421, Magnetospheric MultiScale:  Mission page    03/12/15
 KSC, Swamp Works, Engineering & Development Lab:  A look around 02/12/13

 James Webb Space Telescope, Ball Aerospace:  The Mirrors


 'Plymouth Rock', Manned Mission to an Asteroid:   Why Go?


In the clean room: New Horizons Mission to Pluto System
In the clean room: Dawn Mission to Vesta & Ceres
 The Launch Pads of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Inside the Aft Compartment of a Jupiter SM-78/PGM-19 IRBM
Upgrade of Crawler-Transporter 2
Launch Complex 39 Pad A            Launch Complex 39 Pad B
The Space Shuttle Fleet

Curiosity Surface Operations

The End of the Shuttle Era

Reconstruction, Restoration & Refurb of  a V-2 Rocket
KSC, Inside the VAB, The history, The SLS upgrade progress:  Tower 'B' 04/27/15
CCAFS, Hangar R, Jupiter SM-78/PGM-19 IRBM:  In the aft compartment 02/03/15
KSC, SLF, Starfighters Aerospace, F-104 Research Vehicle:  Inside & out 01/29/15
Cocoa Beach, FL, Las Olas Beach Club:  Virtual Tour Index 01/17/15
Craig Tech, Mission support, Cape Canaveral, FL:  Virtual tour index 11/13/14
Cocoa Beach, FL, The Inn at Cocoa Beach:  Virtual Tour Index 07/06/09
Indian Harbor Beach, FL, Oceanique Beach Club:  Virtual Tour Index 11/03/12
Satellite Beach, FL, Las Olas Beach Club:  Virtual Tour Index 11/03/12
Jensen Beach, FL, Ocean Bay Villas:   Virtual tour index 02/01/09
National Navy SEAL Museum, From World War II to Yesterday:  A History 04/10/14
National Navy SEAL Museum, Mk5-Special Operations Craft:  Inside & out 03/09/13
Downtown Fort Pierce, On a lagoon, By the sea:  Up close & personal 03/09/14
60's Era Nuclear Bomb Shelter, A time capsule:  A look inside & out 08/30/13
Warbirds, And other flying machines:  As they are now 04/09/13
Vero Beach, FL, Driftwood Resort:  Virtual tour index 01/01/11
Jensen Beach, FL, Island Beach Resort:  Virtual tour index 09/15/11



This website is devoted to the unusual technical art form of high-resolution, full-page, spherical panoramas.  They are an art form born of the computer and the internet revolution and we think you'll be just as delighted to see them as we are to show them.

To paraphrase an old saying:  If a picture is worth a thousand words then a spherical panorama is worth a thousand pictures.  Even the most mundane subject matter takes on a 'Wow!' factor when viewed as a sphere.  It really is an outstanding technology in the service of a busy and beautiful world.

There are, at present count, over 1300 spherical panoramas on this site (over 600 devoted to Space Missions, Operations and History), with many more to come.  We'll be taking our equipment to every beautiful and unusual spot we can find.  In the expansive field of the visual arts, there is nothing quite like these amazing sources of visual information. 

Except for the panoramas in our 'Space Flight' category done by NASA/JPL that we converted to a spherical format, we are the creators of these extraordinary images.  

If you think you might have an application for this cutting-edge technology, please don't hesitate to call us for a quote.

In the meantime, please take your time and immerse yourself in an interactive technical art form like no other.  You may access the portfolio of our panoramas using the menu at left.



Technical note:

  • New display software has been implemented that is HTML-5-compliant.  The new panorama viewer will play on most modern web browsers including those browsers found in tablets and smartphones.  All future panoramas will be in this new format.  We have also converted many of our older panoramas to this new format.

  • For the older panoramas, no plug-ins are needed but JAVA must be enabled to view the panoramas using this older software.

  • Both panorama viewers are memory intensive.  They consume a large amount of your computer's resources to display an image.   It is best to close all open windows, browser windows and running programs before viewing.

  • It is recommended that you close a panorama window completely before opening another panorama.